IQ Infinity

Program a Satellite Erase a Satellite Changing Polarity

This receiver features standard IR remote, optional UHF remote, digital stereo on encrypted channels, nine pre-programmed polarity formats for C/Ku satellites, built in RF modulator with automatic A/B switch and parental satellite and channel lockout. It also features 90-satellite location memory with customizable satellite names, 99-channel favorite channel memory and built-in LNBF switching.


Blue = Buttons on Remote or Receiver


1. Move to a satellite that is next to or near to the satellite to be programmed.

2. Turn the receiver off.

3. Press and hold PGM until the Setup Options menu appears (see Figure 1 below).

Figure 1


950 (930) MHz INPUT           (changes the input frequency)

C/KU (V/H) INPUT                  (dual LNB - select V/H, single LNB - select C/KU)

C/KU (C-ONLY) INPUT     (lists either C-Band or C & KU Band satellites)

TEXT (PICTURE) SYNC      (text allows menu to stay on screen when programming)

WEST (EAST) MOUNT       (east of Denver select east, west of Denver select west)

ON (OFF) STORE                  (on needs to be outside of the brackets for store to work)

OFF (ON) LEARN UHF               (allows remote to be changed, not to interfere w/other remotes)


(Use antenna right to advance through option and use antenna left to change the selection, then press STORE to save changes.)

4. Press STORE twice and the programming menu should be displayed. (See Figure 2 below.)


Figure 2


Satcom C1 08 C
Format : 2 C/Band
               5 KU/Band

Select Next Sat
To Be Programmed
Then Press Store

5. Press SAT and then the satellite name and satellite number of the satellite to be programmed.  The satellite name should appear on the screen. If not, press it again or use a different name to program the satellite. It should also display Format and have either 02 or 01 after it for C-Band.

6. Press STORE.

7. Use channel up/down to select a channel that will be active on the satellite to be programmed.

8. (A) If you are starting from a satellite with the same format, then there should be a picture coming in behind the writing. (B) If you are starting from a satellite with the opposite format, then there should not be a picture coming in behind the writing.

If the format is incorrect then do step 9, otherwise skip to step 10.

9.  This step is to reverse the polarity. Press CLEAR one time. If it returns to first menu (Setup Options) instead of the previous menu (Programming menu), press STORE twice to go the programming menu. Press the satellite name and then the satellite number of the satellite to be programmed. The name of the satellite should appear on the screen and the Format. Press BAND and the Format should start blinking. If it is 01 then press 02.  If it is 02 then press 01. Press STORE.

10. Press antenna left for east or antenna right for west in direction you need to go until you find the new satellite to be programmed. Stop when you come to any picture or black screen and verify which satellite you are receiving. If it is the correct satellite then proceed with step 11. Otherwise continue moving until the satellite is found.

11. Press STORE to save the settings.

12. Press POWER to exit the programming menu.

13. Verify that it stored the satellite correctly. If the satellite did not store at all then, repeat the procedure, but before doing step 4 make sure that the Store is turned on in the Setup Options Menu (see Figure 2). If the satellite is stored, but there is no picture, then the polarity may need to be reversed. Do step number 9 to reverse the format.

14. This completes the programming progress.



1. Turn the receiver off.  Unless it is already in program mode, then go to step 3.

2. Press and hold PGM until the Setup Options menu appears.

3. Press STORE once and the second menu screen should be displayed.

4. Press 1 for Delete Satellite.

5. Press SAT and then the satellite name and satellite number of the satellite to be deleted.

6. Press STORE.

7. Press POWER to exit the menu.


1. Press SAT and then 0. The on-screen display will read “Current Format - Enter New Format”.

2. Press 01 if it is 02, or press 02 if it is 01.

3. Press STORE.