King-Dome Satellite Systems

The most affordable dome covered satellite system available! A digital readout of elevation & azimuth allow you to point the dish to the coordinates found in your receivers dish pointing screen after entering the local zip code. Using the touch pad controller, move the internal dish up or down, then side to side to lock on the correct satellite and peak the signal. Automatic level compensation makes dish pointing easier when the coach is off level.

Mfg. #9630....$895


No zip codes to enter! Just park and push a button to automatically lock on the correct satellite within minutes. Works with any satellite receiver for DISH Network, DIRECTV and ExpressVU. King-Dome stationary automatic systems offer an optional multi-satellite switch for customers receiving programming from multiple satellite locations such as DISH 500. Automatic level compensation allows fast satellite acquisition even up to 6 degrees off level. Dual LNB model allows viewing different channels on multiple televisions using two satellite receivers.


Mfg. #9702....$1,295


Uses integrated DVB technology to provide positive satellite identification and lock on the correct satellite automatically. A single coaxial cable connects the dome to the indoor unit for simple installation. The Trac-King has unlimited rotation, so you'll never experience a loss of picture due to cable unwrap. Just push a button and the dish will automatically find a track the satellite of your choice. If you have DISH 500 service from DISH Network, a standard feature allows you to easily move back and forth between satellites while parked or driving.


Mfg. #9760....$2,295

The larger dome unit measures 16"h x 38"d with a 40% larger dish surface area for greater signal reception. Has the same features and benefits as Stationary Automatic unit (above). Dual LNB standard for viewing different channels on multiple televisions using two satellite receivers.


Mfg. #9703....$1,595


Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Installation not included in price.